the gold standard for decentralized ai infrastructure

Modelex, or Model Exchange, brings true and deeply correlated integration between blockchain and AI agents.

Token symbol: $AI
Token launch date: Q2/2024
Private Sale [TBD]: yield®

Whitepaper DRAFT v0.4 | Litepaper v0.01



Our early concepts of converging AI, tokens, trading agents and physical infrastructures [IoT] began in 2018 [i.e presentations on July 2018Aug 2018, Jan 2019 etc.] and as smart contract platforms matured, scalability improved significantly and token economies grew over the years, the viability of a decentralized fabric for AI agents to accept and receive tokens emerged into today’s Modelex.


Proof of Concept on Testnet. Subject to Change, not Indicative of Final Product.

— Current Version


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